Weekly update:

Greetings everyone

Great news – we raised just over $5,000 to get ANFA delegates to the World Uranium Symposium in Canada!!!! Thanks to everyone who donated to this – you can all watch as this incredible international tour unfolds – http://anfa.org.au/tour2015/

Tax deductible donations to the ANFA international tour can still be made – to make a donation call (08) 9420 7291 or e-mail mia.pepper[at]ccwa.org.au.

Over the next couple of months I will be sending out updates from the road in the United States!!
I will be leaving for the United States next week for meetings and to kick of a walk from the Y-12 nuclear weapons facility at Oak Ridge, Tennessee to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty review conference at the United Nations in New York that begins on the 28th of April..

Another week of anticipation = as we expect a Ministerial approval of the Kintyre uranium proposal – Please stay posted for any actions – text “Rapid Response” to 0415380808 to be on our rapid response action text out (with or without your name up to you).

Coming up is the anniversary of the beginning of the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactors in Japan – we ( ANAWA and CCWA) are hosting a vigil and then public meeting with Senator Scott Ludlam please come along – 11th March

This week there is a great event organized by the Medical Association for the Prevention of War – Concerning War Considering Peace – see details below. Next Wednesday is the four year anniversary of the earthquake + tsunami + nuclear disaster at Fukushima – please join us from 4.30 for a Vigil followed by a public meeting with Senator Scott Ludlam.

Always remember to tune in to Understorey –   and the Radioactive Show this week for all the latest nuclear and peace news.  

Peace & Solidarity
Marcus Atkinson